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Board Certification in Cardiac CT

Board Certification in Cardiac CT


UPDATED 12/08/2016:

For those who would like to become board certified in Cardiac CT, the Certification Board of Cardiovascular Computerized Tomography (CBCCT) offers an examination.  This is again an annual exam, and will be offered in Septeber 2017.   The application deadlines have not yet been announced but are uually in May, with a late deadine in July. 

The reasons to certify and the test eligibility requirements are detailed at the CBCCT site. Basically, applicants need to be certified (or on a path toward certification) in Cardiology, Radiology, or Nuclear Medicine, and to have had Level 2 or 3 training in Cardiac CT.  Training must have been completed within the 36 months prior to the date of application for the exam.  If training was completed earlier than that, the applicant must document 150 additional contrast CTs completed within the last 36 months. 

The Johns Hopkins Cardiac CT Practicum will provide all the necessary credentials for board eligibility. 

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